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MoveUp is a third-party app and neither a supplier nor a shipping firm. Therefore the shipping procedure is entirely managed by the marketplace or supplier you choose to dropship from.

Unless you have a license and authority to sell a particular brand [especially if it’s popular], we don’t recommend selling brand products in your store. However, it is your obligation to make sure that you are not breaking any copyright or trademark restrictions.


MoveUp is the perfect app for owners of woo commerce and Shopify stores. With MoveUp you can easily source and import products from suppliers' sites around the world to your ecommerce store.

Our available sites are Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon, 1688, Taobao, Gearbest, and many more. With our app and chrome extension, you can edit each detail of the product and import it to your website right from the supplier's website. 

Edit details like title, description, price, variants and more right from the suppliers product page with MoveUp chrome extension.

Later on complete the fulfillment process from the ease of product page as well.

You can use MoveUp to make money online. For this you have to have an ecommerce site on shopify and woo commerce. After that install the MoveUp app and chrome extension. Then visit any of our supported sites to source any of your desired products. 

Choose only those products which you know you can promote and sell well. With MoveUp you can edit the title, description, variants, reviews and more. In the next step promote imported products via different media to get traffic on your website. 

Fulfill the order items to make easy profit online.

You can use it for free for 7 days. Besides that MoveUp’s basic plan starts from 9.99 per Month. Covering all of your basic dropshipping product importing needs. To know more about MoveUp pricing plans click here.

Currently  You can subscribe to our plans and make payments through Paypal and stripe.

With MoveUp you get all the elite services of leading dropshipping data import apps like Importify. Adding to that you can get a few more benefits, such as:

  1. Single subscription for Multiple dropshipping websites
  2. Import review from the same product importing extension.
  3. MoveUp comes in a lower price range than all the popular supplier's sites
  4. Plus it gives you 7 days of free trial. No credit card information required.

Order fulfillment

To complete the order fulfillment process of the imported products from your desired suppliers site follow these steps.

  • Login to the Moveup chrome extension.
  • Click on the “MoveUp Cart” button.
  • Select the website (it will show all order items, fulfilled and unfulfilled)
  • Select items from the left side and select box
  • Click the “add” button to fulfill your item.
  • Automatically add items to your cart page.


To import products from any of our supported site to your woocommerce store follow these steps:

Step 1: Subscribe to any of MoveUp’s plans and install MoveUp chrome extension for free.

Step 2: Connect your Woocommerce store to the MoveUp app.

Step 3: Visit your desired supplier site. [eg. Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon]

Step 4: Find the product you would like to import, and visit the product page. Click the “Import” button on the top left of your browser.

Step 5: select the website or store of your choice that you would like the product to be imported.

Step 6: Edit the product information, such as the title/description/variations/ Review etc. after all of you desired customization click on the “submit” button to  import the product to your store.


You can try the basic features of the MoveUp app absolutely free for 7 days.  The billing cycle begins when the trial expires.

You can collect reviews and change the review data from the MoveUp chrome extension.

You can edit the content of the review and delete images. You can even change the star ratings. There is a check box so that you can change which review to import. You can also give review status.  For example if you select on “approved” status that means this review is approved to be shown on your website.

On the other hand if you select the “Hold” status that will put the review on hold in your website.

You can choose either description or extended description from the MoveUp chrome extension. You can also change the description text the way you want.


You can try the basic features of the MoveUp app absolutely free for 7 days.  The billing cycle begins when the trial expires.